St Wulstan's Catholic Primary School

We come to school to love, learn and share in the light of Jesus

Church Lane, Newcastle, Staffordshire

01782 973722

The St. Wulstan's Team

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mr B Grove

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs E Walker

Assistant Headteacher: Miss N Shone

SENDCo: Mrs J Wood


Teaching Staff

Nursery: Mrs S Connolly

Reception: Mrs C Galvin and Mrs R Shone

Year 1: Mrs C Long and Mrs E Clarke

Year 2: Miss E Fellows, Mrs S Kirk (maternity leave) and Mrs N Elks

Year 3: Mrs D Nixon and Mrs A Walker

Year 4: Mrs H Smith and Miss R Anslow

Year 5: Mr B Davies and Miss R Ellerton

Year 6: Miss G Hewitt and Miss N Shone

Other teachers: Mrs J James (Reception, Year 2, Year 3) and Mrs C Walton (Music)


Teaching Assistants

Nursery: Mrs T Goodwin, Miss L Amos, Miss A Olszewski, Mrs N Philcock, Mrs V Gibson

Reception: Miss M Markou, Miss G Harding

Year 1: Miss J Mayer and Mrs D Taylor

Year 2: Mrs G Chell and Mrs D Leek

Year 3: Mrs S Ficarotta and Mrs A Wood

Year 4: Miss D Chilton and Mrs C Price

Year 5: Miss N Wright and Mrs H Carter

Year 6: Mrs A Connell and Miss R Dorrington

Additional support staff (1 to 1): Mrs L Wilson, Mrs L Jones, Mrs A Fry, Miss S Sheppard, Mr I Springett, Mrs E Craggs, Mrs F Russell


Other support staff

Family Support Worker: Mrs G Miles

EYFS apprentices: Miss A Olszewski, Mrs L Amos, Mrs V Gibson


Office staff

Primary Academy Manager: Mrs R Heynes

Finance and Care Club: Mrs L Savona

Office Manager: Mrs J Sutton

Clerical Assistant: Mrs A Machin

Care Club Manager: Miss E Machin


Site supervisors

Mr J Eaton

Mr R Chadwick