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Building the Kingdom of God through Catholic Social Teachings

As a school, we teach children all about how they can be active citizens within our local, national and global communities.

We call this "Building the Kingdom of God through Catholic Social Teachings". You can read about how this is embedded in to different aspects of our curriculum here:

Building the Kingdom of God through Catholic Social Teachings at St Wulstan's

In conjunction with the pupils, we have developed our own symbols and captions to support the teaching of this, ensuring that all pupils can refer to them. 

The Seven Catholic Social Teachings, based on Caritas in Action:

Theme 1

Dignity of the Human Person 

Theme 2

Family and Community

Theme 3

Solidarity and The Common Good

Theme 4

Dignity of Work

Theme 5

Rights and Responsibilities

Theme 6

Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

Theme 7


Embedded into our RE curriculum and Humanities topics, are planned opportunities for children to reflect and actively consider and work towards ways that they can continue the work of God and 'Build his Kingdom' today. 


In Humanities, core questions are planned to enable children to reflect on their History and Geography learning through a Catholic Lens. 

Examples of these questions are as follows:

Animal Kingdom: How are we called to help God's creatures which are endangered around the world?

Titanic: How are we called to help the poor in our local community today?

Ancient Egypt - How are we called to help end modern slavery?

Our European Neighbours: How are we called to show solidarity to those seeking refuge in Europe?

Across the Atlantic: How are we called to protect the rainforest and its people?

World War 2: How are we called to act as peacemakers and help children affected by war today?

 Each of the above also has a charity link, so that children can understand how charities are helping and how they can support and raise awareness. Projects are often supported by a vocations talk or visitor too. 

Key texts are also used to support learning and inspire writing. 

The full details of these can be found on the Humanities long term plan here.

In RE, lessons begin with questions which prompt children to think about how they can learn through religion. They often use scripture to encourage children to think about their own journey of faith. They promote children to 'wonder' and think carefully about Gospel stories and teachings. 

In addition to this, lessons include planned tasks and questions which teach children about modern day Gospel activists and stories, and how people have responded to God's call in more recent times. In turn, this helps them to consider how they can use these stories and people to inspire their own actions as people of God.


Take a look below at some of our super RE work: