St Wulstan's Catholic Primary School

We come to school to Love, Learn and Share in the Light of Jesus

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Mission Statement

Our school mission statement “We come to school to love, learn and share in the light of Jesus.”

This is at the heart of everything we do. This is the way we do things in our school and forms our foundation and provides the justification of our behaviours. 

Our school mission statement forms the basis of our wonderful school Hymn, which you can listen to here!:

St Wulstan's School Hymn

Our values are -

Love: We grow in the knowledge that God loves us no matter who we are or what we do and wants us to follow his way showing love, care and respect for all around us. At our school we believe our curriculum promotes this through

Our Whole School Ethos- We believe that our school values engender in children a love of school and school life through positive and productive interactions with all stakeholders, in line with the virtues and values from the Catholic Schools Profile and through our school and church liturgies

Our life and learning skills curriculum -We believe in making our children world class learners developing in them a confidence and thirst for knowledge enabling them to realise their talents and in doing so create their future. Children at St Wulstan's know that God has a plan for them. Children at St Wulstan’s willingly work individually, in pairs or groups as dictated by the task, preparing them well for future learning.

Our liturgies and masses – we believe our worship helps us to develop our understanding of our need to love one another and to support others through acts of kindness. and through following the life of Jesus. Children know that God has a plan for us and we are encouraged to listen to how God wants us to help others. Our worship links closely with the diocesan virtues.

Community- We believe our school curriculum actively identifies ways in which we encourage love to be an underpinning value by promoting outreach work developing the spirituality, empathy and understanding of our children.

Learn: Through our daily curriculum, underpinned by our Gospel Values, all children in our care develop a thirst for learning, are eager and ready to learn and will grow to become lifelong learners.

We believe in giving our children a ‘magical’ curriculum with a fantastic range of curricular and extracurricular opportunities which engage, enrich and excite learners, in line with our Catholic ethos.

We believe that through research, reflection and continuous school improvement our teachers provide the best experiences. Our school is committed to continuous professional development for all staff. Children at St Wulstan’s are active, happy learners, keen to share their experiences.


We believe that children learn best from first hand experiences. No child will remember pages 9 or 10 of a text book and no former pupil has ever stopped their teacher and personally thanked them for the worksheet they gave them to complete! However children do remember well planned and thought out enrichment activities such as faith days, retreats, trips, workshops and theatre company visits. For this reason we would like children to have:

  • the opportunity to take part in at least 6 curricular visits, workshops or enrichment experiences during the year,
  • the opportunity to participate in an extra curricular club,
  • the opportunity to share their faith, learning and experiences with parents.

 Staff plan enrichment activities within all year groups to enhance our curriculum still further. We will make lessons as fun and engaging as they can be, giving the children hooks and inspiration to bring their learning to life.  We are always thinking of exciting ways that children can learn, and we do not limit our creativity certain subjects. 

Last year there were lots of enrichment activities in school which have helped to make the children's learning real. These are an integral part of our school curriculum and the support we have received from the majority of parents has been fantastic.

Share: Through our faith community and in the spirit of giving, we share our learning experiences, our care and respect for others and our resources.

We want our curriculum to demonstrate our commitment to sharing our faith, resources, time and learning with others.

We believe our curriculum should reach beyond the school gates and that we should ‘Spread the Happiness’ as far as we are able

We believe the partnership between school and families to be a key to success and aim to provide greater opportunities to engage parents in our learning

We believe that our children are encouraged to help and support others and we nurture and value each child as individuals with their own talents.

Through extensive charity work we teach our children to share what we have with others, either through time or material gifts.