St Wulstan's Catholic Primary School

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School Policies

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Admissions Policies



STW Child-on-Child Abuse Policy

STW CtKCC Anti Bullying Policy 2022

Behaviour-Policy-Statement 2022

STW Behaviour Policy

CtKCC Whistleblowing Policy 2022

St Wulstan's Safeguarding Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education

RSE Policy




CtKCC Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy

CtKCC SEND Local Offer

CtKCC SEND Information Report



CtKCC Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

Equality Statement



British Values and Equalities Statement 2022

St Wulstan's Home Learning Policy

CtKCC Communication Policy 2022

CtKCC Complaints Policy

CtKCC Data Protection Policy

CtKCC Environmental and Sustainability Policy

CTKCC Equalities Policy

CtKCC Director, Governor and Volunteer Privacy Notice

CtKCC Parent/ Carer their Childs Data

CtKCC Parent/ Carer Own Data Privacy Notice

CtKCC Pupil Privacy Notice

CtKCC Pupil IT Acceptable Use Policy 2022_Final

CtKCC Suppliers Privacy Notice

CtKCC Visitors Privacy Notice

CtKCC DBS Policy

CtKCC Charging and Remissions Policy

CtKCC Pupil Attendance Policy

CtKCC Lettings Policy

CtKCC Looked After Children Policy

CtKCC Safer Recruitment Policy

CtKCC Sports Competitions Code of Practice

CtKCC Staff Code of Conduct

CtKCC Suspensions Exclusions Policy 2022

Behaviour-Policy-Statement 2022

CtKCC Remote and Blended Learning Policy

CtKCC Health and Safety Policy 

CtKCC Managing Parental Behaviour Policy

CtKCC Pupils Missing in Education Policy

CtKCC Procurement Policy

Terms of Reference for the Local Governing Body of St Wulstan's

CtKCC Volunteer Policy


British Values

 British Values and Equalities Statement 2022