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Geography at St Wulstan's


At the heart of our curriculum, we have the Five ‘Cs’ which, as a school, we believe our integral to our planning process in order to ensure that our children receive a first-class education. The five C’s inform our planning process in all subjects, and consist of the following headings: contentcoherencecompassioncreativity and critical.

Content: We begin our planning by ensuring that we are covering the ‘content’ of the national curriculum and we are aware of the disciplinary and substantive knowledge we’d like our children to gain.  

Coherence: Our curriculum is planned so that it connects in sensible, logical ways so that children can build on their prior knowledge. Connections made are done explicitly and with relevance in order to ensure that children’s knowledge becomes embedded into Long term memory. We ensure that connections are made from lesson to lesson, Topic to Topic, and year to year. 

Compassion: Compassion is at the heart of our planning, so that as a school, we create a community of nurturing, compassionate and loving children, who have a positive impact on our forever changing world. 

Creativity: By planning and delivering lessons with creativity at the heart, we are able to develop the fluency of knowledge through a process of interpretation, experimentation, connection and play.  

Critical: Finally, we plan and deliver lessons which encourage children to question and compare different concepts so that as a school community, we can continuously learn from the past

Geography Fieldwork

During the summer term, all pupils take part in a geography fieldwork unit.  Each year group has an enquiry question that focuses on a different aspect of the human and physical geography of our the local area and they use this question as the basis for geography fieldwork week.


Year 1 - How is land used just outside our school grounds?

Year 2 - How do we use our local green space?

Year 3 - During school hours, when is the busiest time for traffic?

Year 4 - How do our local community use the Marsh?

Year 5 -  How well is the local retail park used?

Year 6 - How and why has Wolstanton High Street changed over time?